• iEmergent Forecast Update: Coronavirus Leads to Mortgage Originations Record

    Posted By Mark Watson on Dec 04, 2020
    iEmergent projects total mortgage originations to top $4.1 trillion in 2020, which will be the biggest year of mortgage originations in U.S. history. Read more about the impact of the coronavirus on the housing market, and how it contributed to this record year.
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  • Commentary: 2020-2021 Mortgage Origination Forecast Update

    Posted By Mark Watson on Aug 13, 2020
    Despite health, social, political and economic disruption unlike any seen in the past century, mortgage originations soared in 2020 - due to a refinance boom driven by historically-low rates. Purchase mortgage activity may see a drop of as much as 20% as a result of widespread unemployment and economic uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.
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  • Update: Housing and Mortgage Markets Amidst the Pandemic

    Posted By Mark Watson on Jul 09, 2020
    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, its impact on the housing and mortgage industry is constantly changing - especially in how it effects the size and composition of the homebuyer pool. What does this mean for the 2020 purchase mortgage lending?
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  • COVID-19 Impact on Housing and Mortgage Markets: Part 2 - Homebuyer Pool

    Posted By Mark Watson on May 01, 2020
    The coronavirus will greatly shift the number of U.S. households that are ready, willing, and able to buy a home. This blog provides interesting detail about how COVID-19 will reduce the homebuyer pool, and how the 2020 mortgage lending market will drop considerably as a result.
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  • iEmergent Update: Coronavirus Impacts on the Housing and Mortgage Markets

    Posted By Mark Watson on Apr 03, 2020
    The U.S. now leads the world in coronavirus cases, and there are no signs of it slowing down soon. As U.S. unemployment claims hit a record high and the world economy shifts in unprecedented ways, there will undoubtedly be a profound impact on housing and lending.
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  • 2020 Mortgage Market: Goodbye Second Wind

    Posted By Mark Watson on Mar 12, 2020
    What does the future hold for the U.S. mortgage market in 2020? The year started with a positive economic outlook and record-low interest rates; the best combination of conditions possible for lenders to have a record-setting year. However, the sudden uncertainty and fear accompanying the COVID-19 epidemic is severely rattling financial markets and making a recession seem likely. Only time will tell.
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  • 2020 Preliminary Mortgage Forecast: Political Turbulence with a Mortgage Origination Surge

    Posted By Mark Watson on Oct 26, 2019
    Read about iEmergent's 2020 mortgage outlook, as Mark Watson summarizes the key indicators behind the numbers.
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  • The Next Refi Boom

    Posted By Mark Watson on May 06, 2019
    From mid-November to the end of March, the average rate on fixed-rate mortgages plummeted nearly 90 basis points (0.9%) to 4.06% and the MBA Refinance Application Index nearly doubled. Is this the start of a new refi boom? We don’t think so – at least, not quite yet.
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