Whether you're an LO, a branch manager, or an executive an a nationwide lender, iEmergent has options, allowing you to use data to shape your lending and diversity strategies. 

Strategic Advisory

Bring the brains behind iEmergent and Mortgage MarketSmart onto your team. Whether you're a community working to improve homeownership diversity, a lender shifting strategic priorities, or diving into a different homeowner diversity initiative, we can be an integral part of your project. 

White-glove Consulting

The opportunities to use data to form strategy and reach goals are endless. We can help your team plan, prioritize, and implement short- and long-term strategies that will have the most impact on your organization and the communities you serve. 


Our technology, Mortgage MarketSmart, allows users to view data, build reports, and discover insights with easy-to-use features. Create markets, refine report templates, discover opportunities, and share your findings inside our proprietary platform. 

Blended Approach

Combine the power of technology with the value of our team's experience in lending. Get full access to Mortgage MarketSmart plus work closely with our team to use the tool and discover the data that will help you achieve your strategic goals. 

Clients' needs are as unique as clients themselves. Let's discuss how we can partner.

Share Your Goals

Use Cases

Answer questions that drive your lending and recruiting strategy. 

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