Basics of Mortgage MarketSmart

Mortgage MarketSmart 2.0 is live!  We are creating an extensive knowledge base to ensure that our users can find out what to do and why.  Until our full support site is built, please refer to the videos below to help you get started with some basics in Mortgage MarketSmart:

Quick Start: Creating a Report

Quick Start: Creating a Report

Adding a Data Layer to Your Map

How to Add Data Layer to Map Video

How to Save a Map

How to Save a Map Video

How to View and Export Data

Mortgage MarketSmart: How to Export Data

How to Change the Theme of a Map

Changing the Theme of a Data Layer

Changing Locations and Attributes in Your Map
How to Change Attributes and Locations of a Data Layer

How to Sort/Order Layers in Your Map

Mortgage MarketSmart: How to Sort Layers

Getting Value from Mortgage MarketSmart and DIVERSIFi

Mortgage MarketSmart and DIVERSIFi Enterprise combine powerful data with actionable tools that can help lenders with a wide range of business challenges and opportunities.  Rather than short clips that show you how to do a specific task, see the videos below for insight on how to use the tools - to grow market share, find and fill gaps in coverage, improve CRA lending, and a lot more. 

Using MarketSmart to Find Gaps in Sales Coverage

Use MarketSmart to find Gaps in Coverage

Finding LMI-CRA Opportunity in a New Way with MarketSmart

MarketSmart: Increasing LMI-CRA Lending