What is it?

Mortgage MarketSmart is a web-based visualization tool that combines iEmergent’s robust forecasts, external data sources, dynamic maps, and simple tools to help lenders focus in on homeowner diversity and growth efforts. Mortgage MarketSmart puts data and actionable intelligence at the fingertips of executives, managers, and loan officers.

Turning Data Into Insights and Action

Lenders have endless amounts of data available to them. MLS listings, the NMLS database, HMDA data, and so much more. In its raw form, the data can be overwhelming and feels like you need a statistics degree to interpret it. 

Our goal at iEmergent is to make data actionable so you can confidently and quickly make decisions on your big-picture strategy, your recruiting efforts, market-level tactics, and more. 

Mortgage MarketSmart blends data from various sources and gives you the tools to use that data to grow your business.

data into action mms

Using Data to Drive Diversity

The homeownership gap—the differential between white and non-white homeownership—hasn’t improved in the last few decades. We intend to help lenders change that—using data. With Mortgage MarketSmart, you can find upcoming opportunities in diverse markets and strategically deploy your resources to capture them. 

We help lenders go beyond fair lending—our long-term vision is to help change the homeownership pool so it mirrors the population of each market. It’s a big mission, and data is one of the most important tools in getting there.


Dive into data, reports, and maps to inform your growth strategies. Here's just some of what you can see and do with Mortgage MarketSmart 360.*

  • 5-year market opportunity forecast metrics
  • Historical origination data from HMDA
  • Current real estate listings from MLS
  • Mapping and visualization tools
  • Data export
  • And more

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*Not all features are available in all package tiers


Mortgage MarketSmart brings together the best of the data sources you’re already familiar with. The datasets inside Mortgage MarketSmart look at:

  • Our future projections, present estimates, and past HMDA data
  • Census tracts, counties, MSAs, and states
  • Lender and LO performance over time
  • Property listings and realtor details
  • Demographic data

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See It for Yourself

Mortgage MarketSmart has data and tools for executives doing strategic planning, managers overseeing sales teams, and loan officers working within their communities. 

Here are just a few things you can do in the system. See more in our knowledge base

A quick demo of the system highlights.

Filter data by low/moderate income and majority-minority census tracts. 

View MLS real estate listings on your map and see top realtors in your markets. 

Use Cases

Use Mortgage MarketSmart to answer questions that drive your lending and recruiting strategies. 

Sales and Marketing

  • Do we have the right message and right media?
  • Are we providing customers with the support they need now and in the future? 

Goals and Resources

  • What are our origination goals across borrower segments? 
  • What sales coverage do we need to ensure we reach them? 
  • Who should we recruit?

Products and Programs

  • Do we have a gap in our product offerings?
  • Are there DPAs or other programs we are missing or need? 

Relationships and Outreach

  • Which agents are focused on the same communities?
  • Are there other community partners to involve?