What is it?

Mortgage MarketSmart is a web-based visualization tool that combines iEmergent’s robust forecasts, dynamic maps, and simple tools to help organizations understand what’s next in every market. Mortgage MarketSmart puts market intelligence at the fingertips of professionals at multiple levels—across departments and channels. 

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"Where" is essential to the mortgage industry. After all, it is a home on a street that is the core of every transaction, even for online and consumer-direct lenders. When it comes to mortgages, “where” really does matter. 

Making Sense With Maps

For more than a decade, we have helped lenders use our forward-looking data to make decisions and build strategies. When we started using maps as a way to share our intelligence, our lender and broker clients began to see patterns and find meaning on a new level.  


What Can You Do With Mortgage MarketSmart?

Mortgage MarketSmart helps organizations of all sizes and types quantify and compare what’s next in their mortgage markets. By combining evidence with sales intuition, organizations build and execute strategies that improve their profitability, position, and performance at a new level:

  • Clarify goals and set expectations for sales and share
  • Minimize risk and meet fair-lending regulations
  • Expand and grow responsibly
  • Optimize resources, brand, and locations
  • Find and strengthen relationships
  • Communicate and share goals, strategies, and tactics