With powerful solutions that blend critical datasets together, iEmergent helps lenders supercharge their growth - into new markets, with diverse market segments, and by boosting originations in the markets they already serve.

It is easier to grow when lenders know where to find their future mortgage opportunities. It's easier to capture those opportunities when they have insight to guide the strategies they need to build and execute.  iEmergent transforms market opportunity data into insight and enables our clients to turn insight into action. 

Using Our Forecasts

Our Forecasts Make Us Different

Mortgage opportunity forecasts are at the core of what we do. Unlike other mortgage market data providers, our market intelligence focuses on the future. There are many sources for mortgage market data that calculates and compares mortgage activity for both recent and old history. However, we’ve learned that you can’t use yesterday’s data to help you prepare for tomorrow—especially now, as the industry faces unprecedented regulatory changes and volatile economic conditions.  

We provide data for markets of all shapes and sizes, and we are able to drill down to the census tract level. This means our forecasts are relevant for both high-level planning issues and for market-specific challenges. We are able to quantify how many purchase loans will be originated in 2015 in the state of Colorado, but we can also drill down into specific neighborhoods in Denver to compare how much and what type of mortgage activity to expect over the next 3-5 years.

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Beyond Spreadsheets: Mortgage MarketSmart

For more than a decade, we have provided the industry’s most accurate and only tract-level forecasts.  Viewed in a massive table, the data is complex and confusing, and difficult to apply to important decisions.  Years ago, we started incorporating maps into our intelligence and quickly realized how much more easily those maps allowed our clients to quickly quantify, compare, and understand our data.

Mortgage MarketSmart is a web application that uses maps and tools to help organizations apply our comprehensive forecasts and market intelligence to corporate strategy, business development, and market management decisions. It combines the visual power of maps with detailed reports to bring data to the fingertips of professionals across departments, levels, and functions.

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