iEmergent CEO Laird Nossuli named to MPA’s 2023 list of Elite Women in Mortgage

Posted By Megan Horn on Jul 10, 2023
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Nossuli recognized for innovative market intelligence solutions that fuel industry growth while fostering inclusivity

DES MOINES, Iowa, July 9, 2023 – iEmergent, a forecasting and advisory services firm for the financial services, mortgage and real estate industries, announced today that CEO Laird Nossuli has been named to Mortgage Professional America (MPA) magazine’s 2023 list of Elite Women in Mortgage. 

Nossuli was recognized for helping lenders grow market share more inclusively using iEmergent's groundbreaking Mortgage MarketSmart platform, an innovative solution that accurately and reliably forecasts demographic, economic and housing market trends at the neighborhood level. By effectively mapping the movement and growth of homebuyer segments, including diverse communities, it empowers lenders with vital intelligence to better serve their markets.  

The transformative impact of Nossuli's work is evident in the results achieved by iEmergent's clients. For instance, one financial institution saw a 125% increase in lending to African Americans and significant overall growth within 12 months of implementing Mortgage MarketSmart. Another mortgage company in the mid-Atlantic saw its market share in majority Black and Hispanic census tracts steadily increase each month it used MarketSmart, helping it move from the #14 overall lender to the #11 overall lender in its market in only four months. Nossuli's commitment to driving industry change and meeting the home financing needs of underserved minority markets is further exemplified by initiatives such as DIVERSIFi, created in collaboration with the National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America (NAMMBA), and her involvement in the Mortgage Bankers Association’s CONVERGENCE initiative.

“I am honored to be recognized in this fashion among an exceptional cohort of Elite Women in Mortgage,” said Nossuli. “This award is a testament to our entire team’s commitment to helping lenders grow through market intelligence that illuminates overlooked business opportunities in any market, many of which are found in diverse communities that have a need for better access to financial services.”

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