Leveraging Data and Diversity

One of the biggest challenges lenders face is maintaining profitability.  It seems like the road to profitability has been a tough one for decades - continuously made more difficult because the landscape is always changing. When the market is good, lenders suddenly ramp up their sales team....fast.  When the market shrinks, lenders have to quickly downsize.  This volatility hurts sales productivity and leads to high levels of turnover....both of which are expensive. Today's environment is even more complicated. Now, not only is the size of the market changing, but so is its composition. In 2019, nearly 25% of all purchase loans will be originated to diverse borrowers - a percentage that will only continue to increase as the nation diversifies. Lenders who don't prepare for and embrace this change will start losing:  revenue, profits, and market share.

What is Diversifi?

DIVERSIFi is a powerful program for lenders that leverages data and diversity to improve profitability. 

It is an unique partnership that combines forward-looking data from iEmergent with the professional, strategic and consultative expertise of NAMMBA for the primary purpose of helping lenders successfully navigate the future of American home lending.  

Despite headlines and fears that today's market is shrinking, mortgage market opportunity is actually growing and changing.  DIVERSIFi helps lenders take advantage of that change.

Data + Diversity = DIVERSIFi.

DIVERSIFi Partners

Do You Need Diversifi?

If you are a lender, do you know:

  • how much diverse market opportunity will be in your markets?
  • what, where and why you are missing in diverse market opportunity?
  • how many loan officers you need for optimal coverage?
  • who you need to recruit and how to find them?
  • where and how to build relationships with referral sources who are successful with diverse borrowers

If you can't answer these questions, then DIVERSIFi is for you.

What Can You Do With DIVERSIFi?

What is the impact of DIVERSIFi? Improved profitability for lenders - which leads to improved outreach, services, and homeownership opportunities for diverse households.

To reach that end goal, lenders utilize DIVERSIFi to:

  • Maximize revenue by finding and capturing diverse market opportunity
  • Minimize costs by boosting productivity and reducing turnover across the board
  • Find and fix gaps where there is missing opportunity
  • Prioritize resources by right-sizing market opportunity
  • Recruit, train, support and retain the best sales talent - to reach diverse market segments
  • Match programs and products to markets
  • Improve CRA and other fair-lending strategies
  • Optimize where branches and people are placed to maximize revenue
  • Set goals to ensure they don't lose share unexpectedly
  • Find and strengthen relationships with diverse market referral sources
  • Communicate  goals, strategies, and tactics from executive to sales


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