About the Tool

The Market Comparison Tool in iEmergent's mapping platform, Mortgage MarketSmart, allows lenders to evaluate markets based on criteria that are important to their business.

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Setting Up a Comparison

Choose the indicators in each market that matter you—lender concentration, loan size, rate of market growth, and much more. Weigh each one based on its importance to your lending strategy. Then choose the locations you want to rank, which can be at the MSA, county, or census tract levels.
Market Comparison Tool
A screenshot of setting up a comparison with iEmergent's Market Comparison Tool in Mortgage MarketSmart.
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Interpreting the Results

The Market Comparison Tool uses a proprietary algorithm to rank your selected markets based on your chosen criteria. When you run a comparison, you'll see a ranking of the locations as well as grouped tiers. As with all the data in Mortgage MarketSmart, you can view it in table format, or on a map. 

Market Comparison Tool Results on Map
View a heat map of the Market Comparison Tool results based on priority score. 

The data can also be exported into a fully manipulatable spreadsheet.

Market Comparison Tool Spreadsheet 


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