iEmergent's Mortgage MarketSmart Dashboard

Posted By Megan Horn on Nov 29, 2023
iEmergent Mortgage MarketSmart Dashboard

The dashboard is the homepage of iEmergent's Mortgage MarketSmart. From here, you can start a project on the map, create a report, view top LOs, analyze HMDA data, and more. Here's how to navigate the dashboard and what you can do with it. 

View a tutorial of the dashboard:

The dashboard is color coded:
  • Blue tiles took to the future via iEmergent's proprietary forecasts.
  • Purple tiles look at the past through HMDA data.
  • Green and orange tiles look at the present with county recorder and MLS data.
iEmergent mortgage marketsmart dashboard

Start a Project or Report

The first couple have to do with starting a project. If you click on "Start a Project," you can go directly to a blank map and, from there, start adding data to that map. If you click on “Create a Report”, what happens is that you get started with a data wizard that asks you what kind of information you would like to see on the map, and from there, it will build a map with the layer that you have selected. So these are the two blue layers that bring you to a map; it just depends on your preference on how to get there.

View HMDA Data

The two purple layers have to do with historical, or HMDA. The first one is a report you can see top lenders in any geography and segment those top lenders by race or ethnicity, loan type, whether it's conventional or government, and borrower income.

County Recorder Data

The green tiles are associated with County Recorder Data.

The LO and Lender Ranking Report tile lets you look at who the top loan officers (MLOs) were in a specific market based on current County Recorder data. So while the purple tiles look backwards, or look historically, these tiles look at the present, and these allow you to look at the most recent production volumes. The LO information here can also be viewed by the lender organizations, so we can look at individual LOs or the most recent market share for organizations in a geography.

The View LO or Lender Originations and Market Share tile is again using the County Recorder Data to show where a specific lender has been originating loans in the current year.

The Originations By Locations tile is for users who want a data dump of the information. So this allows you to get to property level transactions. Instead of seeing who the top lenders were in a specific market, you can see all of the transactions in a specific market and then manipulate them via Excel.

MLS Data

And then, finally, the two orange tiles are for MLS data.

The Real Estate Listing tile allows you to place MLS listings on top of a map by market, census tract, state, etc.

The Real Estate Agent Ranking Report tile allows you to see the top agents in a specific market. You can toggle between top agents overall, or top agents in low to moderate income census tracts, top agents in majority minority census tracts, and so on.

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