How to Create a Market Share Report in Mortgage MarketSmart

Posted By Megan Horn on Mar 20, 2024
iEmergent Blog - Market Share Report
Market share reports in Mortgage MarketSmart show a lender's market share in a particular market for past years or year to date. Learn how to create an analyze these reports for yourself.


To create a market share report, start by accessing the LO and Lender Ranking Report from the dashboard.


Next, specify the market you are interested in by typing "Chicago" (as an example) in the search field and selecting it. Save your selection.


Now, choose the date range you want to analyze. For example, select "last year" and click on the "refresh" button to retrieve the report.

You can toggle between dollars and loans as well as by LO and lender. To view the rankings based on loans, make sure to select the "rank by loans" option.


If you hide the filters and scroll down, you will find the information for the market, timeframe, and filters you chose. You can view which LOs or lenders were top in the market, what their market share was, and more.


If you show the filters again, you have the option to add a breakout category or utilize toggles to further analyze the loans. For example, you can toggle to see how many loans were in low to moderate-income (LMI) census tracts.


Similarly, you can toggle to see the number of loans in majority minority census tracks (MMCT).


If you want to see the market share report for the year to date, simply change the date range to "year to date" and click on refresh. This will update the report to show the current rankings and associated market shares for the top lenders.


Keep in mind that the data for this report comes from County Recorder data and may be refreshed and updated with a delay of 30 to 60 days, depending on when the counties report. Remember this while refreshing the reports.

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