How to Create a Report in Mortgage MarketSmart

Posted By Megan Horn on Jan 25, 2024

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Learn how to create reports in Mortgage MarketSmart with your chosen markets and attributes. Choose from reports including:

  • Housing equity reports
  • Market snapshots
  • Segment snapshots
  • Mortgage origination reports
  • Mortgage forecast reports
  • Demographic data
  • And more

Watch this video to see inside the Mortgage MarketSmart report builder.


Click on Create a Report in your dashboard


Pick a location type for the report.


Choose the specific market(s) you want to see and click "Next."


Select a data class. Choose whether you want to view:

  • Housing Equity Reports
  • Market and Segment Snapshots
  • Demographics
  • Mortgage Opportunity Reports


Continue walking through the steps for each data type—steps and options will vary.

Finally, select the date range and click "Show Report."


To zoom into your market hold down the shift key and then click on the left mouse button to zoom in and see the whole picture.

Analyze areas with high opportunity, find gaps in your coverage, and more.

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