How to Create a Project and Setup a Map in Mortgage MarketSmart

Posted By Megan Horn on Apr 10, 2024
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Learn how to start a project in Mortgage MarketSmart. Create the map, save the project, and add different types of data layers.


Click on Start a Project


Save the project

When you start a project, it's an unsaved project. That means that any data layer we add will not be saved if we were to close this tab. So as a best practice, start by saving the project. Click on "Save," name the project, save it in a folder and hit save.


You can also zoom in and zoom out of the map—use the plus or minus buttons to zoom in or use the mouse scroll.


You also use the shift key. Hold down the shift key and then left mouse click, drag, and release in order to zoom in.


To add a layer, click on "Add a Layer." We have several different options, and each option represents a different dataset we can add to the map.

  1. Forecast or Demographic Data. This is when we want to see a heat map of a specific market loaded and find out what the forecast is for total purchase in a specific market.

  2. Locations. Add your branch locations or competitor locations, whether they are depositories, credit unions, or IMBs.

    You can also add points of interest here. For example, if you wanted to see where there are places of worship or housing non-profits, hospitals, libraries, veterans organizations, anything in a community that is a conduit to get closer to the end borrower, you can add from here.

  3. My Apps and Loans. This is used only in the event that you upload your own data.

  4. Lender Originations and Market Share from HMDA. Wee visually where you or a competitor are originating loans.

  5. Loan Originator and Lender Company Originations. See visually where you originated loans by having having the originations appear as dots on the map.

  6. Real Estate Listings and Agent Information. Add current MLS listings of available properties on top of the map.

  7. Boundaries. Add zip codes on top of the map, county boundaries, state boundaries, census tract boundaries, or see military establishments.

Each option will walk you through the process of choosing markets and attributes to show on the map. Follow the steps to create the project.


Once the project is saved initially, it will autosave from then on.

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