How to Create a Custom Market in Mortgage MarketSmart

Posted By Megan Horn on Feb 28, 2024
iEmergent Blog - Create a Custom Market

Learn how to create a custom market in Mortgage MarketSmart. Curious about the different levels of geography? Read our blog on CBSAs and other mortgage market geographies.

Here's a video overview of the process of creating a custom market, and below are written instructions for doing so.


Go to Start a Project

Start a project - Mortgage MarketSmart

Click on Add a layer and Fill-up all necessary details then click Save

Add layer - Mortgage MarketSmart

To create a custom market on a particular area:
Click on the down arrow
Click to view drawing tools

    Custom market - Mortgage MarketSmartView Drawing Tools will appear and you can select your tool

    Click to start drawing

    Draw market - Mortgage MarketSmart

    Select the market area

    market geography - Mortgage MarketSmart

    If you already marked the area on the map, simply double click it.

    mark on map - Mortgage MarketSmart

    To save the market - go to down arrow - save as market

    save - Mortgage MarketSmart

    Input the name and description, choose where you will save the market, then click Save

    description - Mortgage MarketSmart

    To add MLS Listings to the map, go to Add layer and go to Real Estate Listings

    MLS - Mortgage MarketSmart
    Fill out the layer name, select market, find the market you saved earlier, and then click Save

    Save - Mortgage MarketSmart

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