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  • Lenders: Take a Dip in the Homebuyer Pool

    Posted By Bernard Nossuli on May 26, 2016
    Houses can’t buy themselves. Low interest rates can’t shop for homes to buy. Available credit won’t spontaneously buy homes. Households buy homes. And if households don’t buy homes, then mortgages aren’t originated
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  • Innovation and Authenticity

    Posted By Laird Nossuli on Sep 16, 2014
    Mortgage MarketSmart managing director Laird Nossuli experienced authenticity in innovation at Bank Director's FinTech Day in New York City.
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  • Strange Bedfellows: Lung Transplants and Mortgage Forecasts

    Posted By Laird Nossuli on Aug 05, 2014
    What do lung transplants and mortgage forecasts have in common? They both require hard work and determination, and they're both a big factor in Mortgage MarketSmart.
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  • Turning Data Into Intelligence: The Ultimate Cliché

    Posted By Laird Nossuli on Jul 01, 2014
    Many of the big players in big data claim to help you turn data into intelligence. We are going to jump on that cliché bandwagon, too. How many cliché can you find?
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  • Using Market Intelligence to Create Expansion Strategies

    Posted By Laird Nossuli on May 06, 2014
    Even in today’s challenging lending environment, many lenders and brokers are still looking to expand their market footprints. You can now use Mortgage MarketSmart to compare potential markets for expansion.
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