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Forward Looking

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How does historical data help you make decisions about your future? It doesn’t. Forecasts help you see trends emerging for the future.


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iEmergent is the only mortgage forecaster that drills deeper than national data with state, county, and census tract forecasts.

Proven Accurate

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For the last 10 years, iEmergent’s national forecasts have been more accurate than others’. And our market-level forecast error averages less than 10%.

Our Data is Different

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Unique Approach

Demand-driven forecasting that captures factors that define housing patterns over time.

Always Improving

Always Improving

iEmergent tests model after model to determine which one achieves the greatest overall accuracy and efficacy.

Market Driven

Market Driven

Apply market-level iEmergent data to discover trends in the markets that matter to you.

Driving Decisions

Driving Decisions

No more relying on national forecasts to predict individual market performance.

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