We project that 2015 will yield a purchase dollar volume of $660 Billion, a 4.69% increase over the an estimated purchase dollar volume of $631 Billion for 2014. The change in purchase loan units is expected to be only 2.22%.

Purchase lending will predominate once again in 2015, and although there may be some positive indicators at various times throughout the year, 2015 will may not be the "recovery" year for housing as many had hoped.  

Download the 2014-2019 Purchase Forecast Summary by State to see an overview of where we think the market is headed.

2015 mortgage forecast

Our next forecast - which will be our "official" 2015-2019 forecast - is scheduled for release during the first week of October, after we examine the 2013 HMDA totals.  This release will include our Executive Summary and Forecast Notes, in which we detail the various economic, demographic, and political factors that will undoubtedly influence the future of the US housing market.