iEmergent is a forecasting and advisory firm for the lending industry. Since 2000, we have been focused on delivering a forward-looking approach to helping organizations navigate the industry’s changing landscape.

After nearly 20 years as an executive at two national lenders, iEmergent founder Dennis Hedlund leveraged his background in mathematics and predictive modeling to develop a groundbreaking method for forecasting mortgage opportunity. This methodology enables iEmergent to deliver accurate forecasts that drill down into every neighborhood across the nation.

iEmergent provides powerful market intelligence to lenders of all types and sizes. Organizations use Mortgage MarketSmart, a web-based visualization tool, to access, analyze, and share iEmergent’s data in many ways.

A Family Business

The founding and evolution of iEmergent is an interesting story. What began as a family-run, consulting firm-turned-think-tank is now one of the industry’s most innovative providers, growing our client list rapidly as lenders discover the value of forward-looking data.

Early on in iEmergent’s history, Dennis developed the foundation of our forecasts and supported clients with his wife Paula and his daughters, Laird and Rachel. As iEmergent evolved, the family continued to build their industry knowledge and their dedication to the firm’s vision

iEmergent benefits greatly from the expertise and dedication of everyone on its team, including talented interns; advisors in the business development, accounting, and legal fields; and a core group of advisory partners.

iEmergent at MBA

The Birth of Mortgage MarketSmart

After many years of working with large lenders, we found that iEmergent's detailed forecasts could be difficult to access, analyze, interpret, and share. However, it seemed almost revolutionary when iEmergent began providing simple maps that showed the distribution of mortgage opportunity across the country alongside detailed data tables. With maps, data that was once cumbersome and inaccessible via rows and rows in a spreadsheet became easy to understand and share.

Those early maps planted the seed for the idea that would eventually become Mortgage MarketSmart—a cloud-based mapping platform that allows lenders easy access to forecast data visually. iEmergent partnered with Far Reach, a technology company in Cedar Falls, Iowa, to build the product, and the two companies now work as partners. 

iEmergent and Mortgage MarketSmart in the News

iEmergent Forecasts the Future of Mortgage Lending

by Megan Horn | Dec 19, 2016
Laird and BernardThis post originally appeared in the Urbandale Business Connection.

Fantasy football is an unpredictable world where the competitors with access to the best data win. It’s much the same in the world of mortgage lending. No one knows this better than iEmergent in Urbandale.

“The serious players in mortgage lending and fantasy football are data-driven,” said Bernard Nossuli, chief operating officer of iEmergent. “Our market intelligence helps clients forecast what’s next in mortgage markets.”

Forecasting and analytics are essential to mortgage lenders, whether they want to conduct a targeted marketing campaign, serve more diverse markets, open a new branch office or identify other ways to grow. “We help you find new opportunities,” Nossuli said.


Founded in 2000 by a former Wells Fargo executive, iEmergent is a family-owned firm that serves clients across the country, from top-10 national lenders to mortgage companies focused on only one state. IEmergent provides provides 25 different segments of market data from all 50 states, including population trends and detailed demographics of people purchasing mortgage loans.

“We fill a niche by delivering accurate forecasts out to five years and drilling down into every neighborhood across the nation,” Nossuli said. “We can show where the action’s going to be.”

iEmergent has made a name for itself by pairing complex mortgage analytics data with easy-to-read maps. New technology makes the company’s detailed forecasts simpler to access, understand and share. Mortgage MarketSmart, a cloud-based mapping platform built on GIS technology, gives lenders an easy way to forecast data visually for a region or specific parts of a community.

“This dynamic mapping tool is like Google Maps with our data layered over it,” said Nossuli, who noted that iEmergent is developing a mobile version of its maps. “It lets you create simple, powerful tools from complicated data.”

As demand for its data grows, iEmergent has added new employees at its headquarters in Urbandale, where the company has been located since 2009. “Urbandale is so convenient and offers easy access to restaurants and other amenities,” Nossuli said. “It’s also close to home.”

Nossuli appreciates how Urbandale’s city leaders support iEmergent. He’s also excited about future growth in Urbandale as the company looks for ways to help national retailers, power companies and other firms tap into iEmergent’s forecasting data.

“Urbandale accommodates entrepreneurs,” Nossuli said. “We appreciate having a great base to grow on here.”